Methyl Caprate

Methyl Caprate

  • Methyl decanoate
  • 29159090
  • C11H22O2
  • Colorless, Clear, Oily Liquid
  • 110-42-9
  • Capric acid methyl ester
  • -
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  • Food additive
  • Food
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Detergents

Brief Overview

Methyl caprate also known as methyl decanoate is a methyl acid that has a molecular formula of C11H22O2. In room temperature, methyl caprate is a colorless liquid oil with a melting point of -11 degrees centigrade and soluble in organic solution such as ethanol and dimethyl formamide. The chemical compound is found naturally as a scent component in blue cheese and a flavor constituent in cassava.


Manufacturing Process

Methyl caprate is fabricated by the esterification process between triglyceride and methanol. Additional method is possible by isolating methyl caprate from transesterification process between triglycerides/fatty acid and methanol. Initially extract of palm/vegetable oil undergoes decompose into esters and glycerin. The various components of esters are purified by distillation process. As glycerine is removed, the methyl caprate is isolated by separating the compound based on the boiling point. The methyl caprate distillate is collected from the distillation column.

Pharmaceutical Applications

Methyl caprate has a bactericidal property used in pharmaceutical products.

Chemical Intermediate

The compound is used as a chemical intermediate to manufacture capric acid. Capric acid as a compound is utilized in fabricating food flavoring products. Furthermore, methyl caprate is used as an chemical intermediate of manufacturing wetting agent, emulsifier, stabilizers, and lubricants.

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